AWHC x The Surrey

We at The Surrey are so excited to team up with  American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) to create a collection of wild mustang blankets featuring stunning images by fine art photographer Kimerlee Curyl.

50% of proceeds from these unique limited edition blankets will go towards supporting the American Wild Horse Campaign's efforts to keep wild horses wild on western public lands.  Order yours today and help be a part of this important effort! 

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The blankets are produced using Variant3D knitting technology. This process not only ensures the blankets are beautiful and of high quality but also promotes sustainability. Each blanket is made by repurposing 24 plastic water bottles. By employing this technology, every pixel of the featured wild mustang images is translated into a stitch, capturing the essence and expression of each horse and telling its own distinctive story. These blankets serve as both functional and artistic pieces.

About the collab

“This is a cause extremely close to my heart.  As a lifelong rider and member of the equestrian community,  I feel it is our responsibility to give back to these pure and majestic animals that give to us endlessly and unconditionally. 

AWHC is a grassroots and hands-on organization that is constantly in the field, in the courts and on capitol hill, using funding to change policy and protect these herds from inhumane, brutal and violent roundups or worse – slaughter.  I hope that through this project and an ongoing partnership with AWHC, The Surrey can be a part of helping them reach their goals”

- Founder Emma Werner

About the photographer


Curyl has the natural ability of capturing emotion. Since 2004 she has been delivering imagery that is described as unique, dramatic, and evocative. Emphasizing graceful lines, rich textures, and a view of the horse never seen before. With sophistication and purity, she has been capturing these iconic creatures so intimately that she leaves you, the viewer imagining their very breath upon your face.

Kimerlee’s hope is to inspire others, not only to appreciate the beauty of these creatures, but to take an interest in helping preserve their place on this land. She lives in the beautiful valley of Santa Ynez, CA and has had two very significant horses in her life, a paint mare named Sequoia and an adopted wild mustang named el Regalo.

She is represented by one of the country’s largest fine art publishers, prestigious galleries along with national, international and celebrity collectors. Her work has been used in numerous advertising campaigns and product branding.

About the American Wild Horse Campaign

The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) is a national nonprofit organization fighting to ensure America's promise of lifelong freedom to wild horses and burros is fulfilled and the public lands they call home are preserved. Our public awareness and education campaigns, advocacy work, field work, and land conservation and habitat restoration projects aim to protect and conserve these iconic animals as an integral part of the landscape of the West.

Where will the funds go?

Funds acquired through The Surrey x American Wild Horse Campaign will be earmarked for several programs, including but not limited to: 

Legal Efforts: Funding will support litigation to defend wild horses/burros in court and regulatory actions to improve wild horse/burro management policies such as strengthened animal welfare guidelines. Funding in this area will be critical in 2023 to stop the BLM from eliminating 43% of wild horse habitat in Wyoming and eradicating two iconic Red Desert wild horse populations.

Legislation: On Capitol Hill, AWHC’s government relations team works tirelessly to educate members of Congress about the plight of wild horses and the solutions that exist right now to save them. The team advocates for protective legislation. This work led to the introduction of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Protection Act of 2022, an $11 million federal funding earmark for humane fertility control as a step away from traumatic helicopter roundups, and state legislation in Colorado to reduce the use of helcopter stampedes in favor of in-the-wild management.

Investigations: AWHC seeks to expand its investigative program, which plays a key role as watchdog for the federal government’s Wild Horse and Burro Program leading to Congressional action and media coverage. Our investigation program, which incorporates the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), social media monitoring, and the cultivation of inside sources, has expanded while the corruption we have uncovered has spread to all aspects of the BLM’s on-range and off-range programs