AWHC Blanket: Family
AWHC Blanket: Family
AWHC Blanket: Family
AWHC Blanket: Family

AWHC Blanket: Family

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We at The Surrey are so excited to team up with  American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) to create a collection of wild mustang blankets featuring stunning images by fine art photographer Kimerlee Curyl.

The Surrey blankets, made in a retrofitted barn in the hills of Malibu, are custom 3D knit with yarn generated from recycled plastic water bottles and zero waste.

Introducing mindful luxury, customized and innovative textile engineering to the equestrian community and beyond.

 47" Wide by 68" High

Learn more about the process here

Please note this item is made to order and is not eligible for a return. 

About the Image

Returning to an area after such a large and devastating helicopter removal is always nerve wracking, one never knows what to expect. Families get fractured, lives are lost and the land is void of the many wild lives who once survived here. Seeing this family after such a tragedy was beyond a sight for sore eyes. The lead stallion had two satellite stallions helping him keep the family together. One of the many side effects of round ups and removals is skewing the sex ratios leaving more stallions than mares. The Great Divide Basin has experienced this multiple times, leaving what horses are left quite en-rest. These horses, some of the most regal and wildest of the wild are currently being targeted by The Bureau of Land Management, whom have recently changed their plan for this area to zero out wild horses entirely, and radically reduce their numbers elsewhere. This tone and unruly precedence can not be set. Their absence would leave a scared wound on the landscapes of Wyoming.

Our textiles are 3D knitted and made to order, making them a zero waste product.

Each blanket is made from material that utilizes 24 recycled water bottles

Each pillow is made from material that utilizes 6 recycled water bottles

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How it works

step 1 image

Upload your file on the product page.

step 2 artwork

Your image is converted into a sepia tone BMP file. A BMP is a digital sample we use to translate pixels into stitches to create a knit program.

step 3 3D Knitting

Knit program is generated and plugged into a 3D knit machine to produce a custom knit blanket. The blanket is produced with yarns made from 24 recycled water bottles.

Slide to see examples of artwork

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